Solo & Ensemble Festival, hosted by the Michigan School Vocal Music Association, provides an opportunity for interested singers to individually prepare a classical vocal music performance.  Students prepare two songs (one in a foreign language and one in English) to perform for an adjudicator.  The adjudicator provides written and oral feedback, a brief voice lesson, and an overall final determination.  Students who receive a final determination of excellent will advance to State Solo & Ensemble later in the Spring.  State Solo & Ensemble uses the same format, but students are also required to sight-read independently.  Prior to each festival, participants perform for each other in an in-house recital at Pioneer High School.

Festival Dates

Please see the events calendar for current festival, recital, and application dates and deadlines.


2015 District Solo & Ensemble Application
2015 State Solo & Ensemble Application

Music Selection and Preparation
If the student is studying privately, the two selections will be selected by the voice teacher and approved by the director.
If the student is not studying privately, the two selections will be selected by the director, based on developmental level, performance experience, and student interest.
Regardless, at least one selection must be in a foreign language (Italian or Latin, preferred) and only one aria is allowed.

Students must prepare the selections on their own or with a private voice teacher, with assistance from the director and accompanist during the latter stages of preparation.
All events must be memorized.  There are no specific repertoire requirements for ensembles, but popular, Broadway, vocal jazz, barbershop are not to be used.
At State Solo & Ensemble, each student again performs two selections.  Generally,
one of the selections performed at Districts is carried over to States, accompanied by a new selection.

Song Books
Each participating student must have two original copies of their music.  Students are expected to purchase one copy of the song book(s) from which their selections came.  Students not studying privately may borrow the second copy of the song book(s) from the Pioneer Choirs.  Students studying privately may need to borrow the second copy of the song book(s) from their private teacher.


An accompanist must be hired to play for your event and the recital.  Mr. Lorenz, in consultation with your voice teacher, will assign you an accompanist.  Students receiving free-or-reduced price lunch at Pioneer may request financial assistance for fees and costs from the director.  Accompanists are expected to play both the recital and the festival and should disclose any other students/schools whom they will be accompanying, for scheduling purposes.

Small Ensembles

Students wishing to perform in small ensembles (duets, trios, etc. that are non-existing small ensembles) are encouraged to also participate as soloists.  Please see Mr. Lorenz for music selection.

Sight-Reading (State Solo & Ensemble Festival only)

At State Solo & Ensemble Festival, in addition to performing two selections, each participant must sight-read at the appropriate level.  All first-year participants sight-read at the Primary level unless they are able to comfortably read at Intermediate, as determined by Mr. Lorenz.  Second, third, and fourth-year participants sight-read at either the Intermediate or Advanced level, appropriate to their level of development and experience.

Solo & Ensemble Ratings History

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